Amazing family and friends bless my daughters and me. They have supported us through the many years that we have been on this difficult journey of living with Mitochondrial Disease. Words will never begin to express our gratitude for that, and to express what strength that provides. There are many individuals and families that are also in the same situation as ours. The Cooper Open is important to raise awareness and help others that we can along the way.

I love art, gardening, going for walks with the dogs and kids, kayaking, bike rides when well, helping people, and of course doing things with my family, kids, and friends.

My health has not been good and despite the vitamins and co factors that the doctors recommend helping the mitochondria work better, my body seems to not want to cooperate.

In addition to my pace maker, I know have a central line access called a port. This allows me to have IV fluids 3 days a week. The IV fluids help with vascular tone, which helps with my dysautonomia. I am also on oxygen at night as my chest muscles are weak and I do not get enough oxygen when I sleep. This is new, and seeing another specialist for this, which will hopefully figure out why. I am hoping this will make a big difference and I will be able to accomplish the many goals I have.

I am still hoping to find a part time job, as it would be great to work with people and be out more in the community, not to mention income. Another goal is to be able to ride my bike this summer and walk on longer hikes. I have been too sick, so am really trying to get stronger so I can do this, as I love it.

We have our family reunion again this year in late June that we are all looking forward to going and seeing all the aunts and uncles, cousins, second, and third cousins. Always a fun time. We are also having family come over from England to visit this summer. Looking forward to showing them around New England and catching up!

Thank you for your support.


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