The Cooper Open

The Cooper Open is a family/friend run fundraiser that is in its thirteenth year.

When Rebecca Cooper was just over a year old, college friends and family got together and started the first Cooper Open to support the Coopers and bring awareness about Mitochondrial Disease. Those same college friends and family still are involved and are searching for a way to make this cause known to more people so that this year they can also start a college fund while raising awareness about Mitochondrial Disease. Since the Cooper Open began, all three daughters, and later their mom, have all become affected by Mitochondrial Disease; a genetic, chronic, progressive disease.

By bringing awareness about Mitochondrial Disease and how it affects the lives of the whole Cooper Family, perhaps we can help work towards finding a cure or at least which medicines and vitamin cocktail combination will help their bodies work better.

The Family

From Left to Right

Debra, Monica, Julia, Rebecca

Our Mission

  • To raise Awareness about Mitochondrial Disease and how it affects individuals and families in different ways:
  • Mitochondrial Disease can be an invisible disease. Thus, since people do not ‘see’ your illness, they often do not understand. Mito families are always advocating with school systems, insurance, and the medical community all of whom may not understand the chronic illness and the patients needs.

  • To help the Cooper Family cope with their daily struggles with Mitochondrial Disease and help lessen their challenges.
  • To develop a scholarship fund for young adults with Mitochondrial Disease so they can attend college:
  • Young adult Mitochondrial patients have unique medical needs which can make attending college in a “typical” fashion difficult. Most scholarships require a specific amount of credits taken each semester in order to receive the funding. This scholarship fund would need to take their specific medical needs into consideration vs. requiring certain class load. That way, if the patient needs to take only two classes a semester, they can.

    The Cooper Open will also work with MITO ACTION to promote the scholarship developing it’s potential in years to come, as the need is great.

Past Events

As always, we are greatly grateful to everyone's participation and continued support. Click the links below to view our past events.
Thank you.

Contact Us

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